Sing to the LORD, for He has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world – Is 12:5

Our Worship & Creative Arts teams serve together to magnify Christ and bring glory to God. We seek to create irresistible environments as well as meaningful opportunities to engage people in authentic worship. Our teams endeavour to be constantly innovative in communicating a timeless message through media, dance, film and technology. We are committed to authenticity and integrity in worship as we lead. Our head is Jesus, our help is the Holy Spirit and our focus is bringing glory, honour and praise to God.

Since our beginning, Summit’s worship time has been a celebration where the music and sound energy reflect this! Summit designed it’s ministry to connect with our community and culture. This focus also guided our music ministries. Our sound mix has a wide dynamic range, is bold, confident and not timid, with rich layers and full bass. Summit puts safety first and is committed to operate within the Ontario Government’s safety standards for sound exposure in the work place.

For more information, please contact Amy Russell, Director of Worship and Creative Arts